Rupert in Timeland is the 4th episode of season 2 and the 14th episode of the Rupert.


When Rupert and Podgy discover that the entire world is frozen in time, they meet up with Father Time who told them that it's his vacation and won't return to work until his vacation is up; In 75 years. 


Julie Lemieux = Rupert Bear

Hadley Kay = Podgy Pig

TBA = Father Time

Valerie Boyle = Mrs. Bear

Lally Cadeau = Mrs. Bear


  • First Appearance with Father Time
  • During the journey into their own future Rupert and Podgy learn that
    • They will have girlfriends.
    • Rupert will have a desk job in a office while Podgy is a cater boy.
    • Podgy is getting married to his girlfriend and Rupert as the best man.
    • Rupert and Podgy are now fathers, even looking like their fathers.
    • Rupert and Podgy are elderly man who can't evenremember their own names.



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