Rupert helps his scarecrow pal Odmedod foil a pair of thieves who have been shearing Farmer Brown's sheep.

Trivia and Goofs

  • This is only one of the few episodes where Rupert doesn't wear his trademark scarf for the majority of the episode. He only wears it at the end of the episode when he got it back from a sheep. It was also seen at the beginning of the episode, but Rupert didn't wear it.

Differences with the Original story

  • Odmedod doesn't appear in the Original story. In the episode he replaces Bill Badger who appeared with Rupert in the Original story
  • Constable Growler hunts and arrests the thieves. In the episode, the thieves don't get arrested and Growler is absent
  • In the Original story, Rupert is caught and then kidnapped once. The thieves tied him up, but Bill saves him. In the episode, he is kept held in a net, twice.