Rupert and the Sun Bandit is the 58th episode of Rupert and the 6th episode of season 5.

While Nutwood's citizens are losing their money to a salesman selling bottled sunshine, Rupert investigates the reason why the sun has not been out for many days.


A bad cloudy day at Nutwood, Poor Mrs. Bear caught a bad cold very sick, while Rupert & his father doing house clean chores.


  • Rupert
  • Mr. Bear
  • Mrs. Bear
  • The Professor
  • Dr. Reginald P. Healthminder
  • Cecil Pig
  • Widow Goat



  • When the professor is being affected by the static electricity, the hair on his head stands up. When Rupert is being affected by it, his whole head and his hand are shown to be standing up, indicating that his head and hands are no skin but fur, like a bear. This is part of the mystery with Rupert as a anthropomorphic bear. What of him is bear and what of him is human? This indication shows that his body is human-like but covered in white fur. In contrast to the episode Rupert and the Clock Cuckoo.



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Rupert and The Sun Bandit

Rupert and The Sun Bandit. 57