Rupert and the Sage of Um is the 2nd episode of the first season of Rupert and the 2nd episode overall.

When a young magician of Rupert's age threatens the last herd of unicorns, Rupert and his friend Tiger Lily fly to mythical Um Island. There they not only help a timid young unicorn learn to stand up to her problems, but teach the young magician a lesson about growing up.





Differences with the Original story

  • In the Original story, Tiger Lilly is only present at the very beginning when she takes Rupert to her home to meet the sage. In the episode, she travels with him to save the sage and the unicorns
  • In the Original story, Rupert and The Sage already met and The Sage invites Rupert to Um Island to stay over for the weekend.
  • Rupert has to use a headband with speaker and has to put on a ring on the horn of the unicorns to communicate with them. In the episode they can speak without devices.
  • In the Original story, it's revealed that the Enchanter is of the same age as the Sage of Um and was being turned into a boy when he used out a spell for moving back and forward in time that went wrong. He believes that the horns of the unicorns will undo the spell he is under. In the episode, he is a real boy who wants to use the horns to grow up.
  • The Enchanter used a griffin in the episode. In the Original story he has a dragon
  • In the episode, the dragon and the slave are turned back to animals. In the story they aren't, meaning that in the Original story, they weren't enchanted.
  • Rupert fights with the dragon alongside the Sage. In the episode he does this alone.
  • At the end of the episode, the enchanter is turned into a assistant of the Sage of Um. In the Original story however, he is banned from the Island and his name will be a joke among other magicians and sages after being defeated by unicorns.


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Rupert and the Sage of Um

Rupert and the Sage of Um