Rupert and the Ice Castle is a video game developed by Taskset and published by Bug-Byte in 1986. It was released for the Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum.

Game Story

In this platform arcade game the player takes the role of Rupert Bear.

Rupert's friends Bingo, Edward Trunk, Algy and Bill Badger have been all frozen by Jack Frost's (one of the characters of the story) evil sister, Jenny; while they were visiting Jack at the Ice Castle.


Rupert has a number of magic ice pills which will revive his friends. He must find and give each of them an ice pill in order to set them back to their hometown Nutwood.

However Jenny has set some traps for Rupert. Each time Rupert is hit by a toy he will lose one ice pill. If he is left with no pills he will freeze himself.

There are three levels of play and each scene within those levels presents Rupert with a different number of problems. In the third level Rupert will find warm clothes scattered around the Ice Castle, which will help him keep warm as he searches for his friends.

The character can run, jump, duck to avoid snowballs and slide along ice patches.


Rupert and the Ice Castle Walkthrough, ZX Spectrum

Rupert and the Ice Castle Walkthrough, ZX Spectrum