Rupert and the Crystal Kingdom is the 48th episode of Rupert and the 9th episode of season 4.

After a disagreement with his friends, Rupert goes his own way to the campsite. Along the way he detours into Tourmaline Valley, where he becomes trapped into a dispute between a Prince and his people, and realizes that trust is very hard to come by.



  • Rupert
  • Bill Badger
  • Algy Pug
  • Prince Lazuli



  • Prince Lazuli's appearance is probably inspired by the appearances of King Charles 2 of England and/or King Louis XIV of France.
  • In the episode Rupert in Timeland, Rupert wasn't allowed to camp alone with Podgy in the Woods. But in this episode he is allowed to do this, only this time with Bill and Algy on a more remote place apparently.


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