Rupert and the Cloud Pirates is the 32th episode of Rupert and the 6th episode of Season 3.

Rupert and Bill do battle with a Cloud Pirate who has shanghaied the Four Winds as part of his dastardly plan to control the world's weather.



  • Rupert
  • Bill Badger
  • Mr. Bear
  • The Professor
  • Dewey
  • The Cloud Pirate
  • The Four Winds


  • Mr. Bear: ''The fish are at the turnips, dear!''. Mrs. Bear: ''Rupert will be pleased to hear that''.


  • The title of this episode is misleading. There is just one cloud pirate. He even claims that he is the only one. Why the episode is called ''Rupert and the cloud pirates'' is unknown.
  • Goof: When the cloud pirate threatens Bill, his sword sticks through Bill's hand.


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Rupert and The Cloud Pirates

Rupert and The Cloud Pirates