Rupert and Prince Humpty Dumpty

In a situation similar to Rupert and Bill and the Pirates, Rupert goes fishing only to be set adrift by two juvenile delinquents: this time of the vulpine (Percy Fox) and porcine (Podgy Pig) variety. This time Rupert is ordered to keep the king's son, Prince Humpty Dumpty, company. The prince was transformed into an egg-like being by a vindictive fairy.

Rupert and the prince become fast friends, but are unaware that the king's brother is plotting to kill his fragile nephew in a plot to assume the second in line to the thrown. The wicked uncle lures the prince into a tower and pushes him out a window. Prince Humpty Dumpty falls to the ground and is critically injured. Meanwhile, Rupert's mother seeks the counsel of the Wise Old Goat to find her missing son. Ever reliable, the Wise Old Goat peers into his Magic Box and takes action: this time scoring a triple victory: he finds Rupert and returns him to safety, restores the prince to health and to his former self as a little boy and exposes the treachery of the king's brother.