Rupert and Pong Ping is the first episode of the first season.

When Rupert and Pong Ping journey to China, the Emperor's pet dragon becomes jealous of Pong Ping and has him kidnapped by a ferocious fire breathing relative. Rupert rescues his friend Pong Ping and seal the friendship between the emperor and his pet dragon.



  • Rupert
  • Pong Ping
  • The Chinese Emperor
  • The Emperor's pet dragon
  • The great dragon
  • The wise old woman
  • The ridle salamander
  • Mrs. Bear
  • Mr. Bear


  • Mr. Bear to Rupert (after being hit by the fench at the start of the episode and at the end after Rupert drops his sausage in Mr. Bear's tea): ''No damage done, son.''
  • Rupert: ''I'm not sure which is more fun. Flying kites or Climbing up after them''


Differences with the Original story


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Rupert and Pong Ping

Rupert and Pong Ping