Rupert and Ottoline is the 31th episode of Rupert and the 5th episode of season 3.

Rupert and his new friend Ottoline Otter are swept up on a race to find the long lost King’s Gold before it falls into the hands of a ‘ghost’ and his cohort who are actually a pair of nasty treasure hunters.


Rupert Bear & his friends met her new female classmate named Ottline Otter, she is a good-skilled piano player. After her family moved to Nutwood manor where her great ancestors lived & invite everyone to get to know party. But suddenly those 2 evil treasure seekers claimed to be ghosts wants the family fortune for themselves so it's up to Rupert & Ottoline to get the job done to put an end to this ruined party once & for all.


  • Rupert Bear
  • Bill Badger
  • Podgy Pig
  • Algy Pug
  • Freddy & Ferdie Fox
  • Tiger Lily
  • Gregory Guenia Pig
  • Ottline Otter (cartoon debut)


Bill & Podgy:GHOSTS!!


  • First appearance of Ottoline Otter
  • One of the few episodes were many of the Characters of the stories who don't appear in the sereies, in appear like Willy Mouse, the Rabbit twins and Bingo the Brainy Pup.
  • One of the very few times where the country of origin is mentioned. When Ottoline talks about her ancestor playing a role in the civil war and choosing the side of the king, refers to the English civil war (1642–1651).

Differences with the Original story


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Rupert and Ottoline

Rupert and Ottoline