This article is about the 1991 episode of Rupert. Looking for the story? Click here.

Rupert and Little Yum is the 6th episode of Rupert and the 6th episode of season 1.

In this episode, Rupert chooses to work around his friend, Officer Growler, and the laws he represents in order to free a rare baby abominable snowman from the influential Sir Jasper and Scrogg. However, it's only when he plays by Growler's rules is he able to help his new friend and understand that, although it might seem slow, the law is fair and just and does punish the wrongdoers.


  • This is one of the few episodes that is based on a Rupert story and kept almost as Original with just a few differences.
    • Bill isn't in the original story and Rupert is spending the weekend with Pong-Ping. Pong-Ping's role is largely replaced by Bill in the episode and he does not appear untill the end.
    • PC Growler explains in the episode that he knew about Sir Jasper's true nature and didn't want Rupert and Bill to get to much involved in to it. In the Original story he appears mostly at the end of the story and feels sorry for Yum and therefore helps him.
      • Also in the episode his role is much bigger then in the Original story, where his role is only bigger at the end of it.
    • In the Original story, there is no mention of Sir Jasper being wanted. There is also no explanation of what happend to him afterwards.
  • The Original story of James Henderson (and illustrated by John Harold) appeard as first story in the 1990 Rupert Annual. A year before the episode first aired.