Rupert and Ginger is the 27th episode of Rupert and the 1st episode of Season 3.

Rupert's encounter with a friendly Stegosaurus in Nutwood Forest leads him on an adventure to the Jurassic Era. Once there, he helps his friend, The Wise Old Goat, repair his malfuntioning Time Machine and avoid becoming a Tyrannosaurus' next meal.        



  • Rupert
  • Mr. Bear
  • Mrs. Bear
  • The Wise Old Goat
  • Ginger the stegosaurus
  • Baby Triceratops
  • Tyrannosauras Rex



  • This is the first episode directed by Gary Hurst
  • This is the first episode made with digital animation.
  • The only episode with a big role for Mr. Bear. Altough he isn't largely involved in the adventure, he appears much of the time throughout.


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