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Here are all the Rupert Bear annuals published every year since 1936 and still going?

Click on a cover image in the slider to find out more about your favourite annual. (work in progress)


Rupert Bear Annual 1936Edit

  • Rupert and the Wonderful Kite
  • Pictures for Your Paint-box
  • Rupert, Algy, and the Cannibals
  • Pictures for your Paint-Box
  • Rupert, Autumn Adventure
  • Rupert, Bill, and The Pearls
  • Rupert's Christmas Adventure
  • Picture for your Paint-box

Rupert Bear Annual 1937Edit

  • Rupert and the Snow Machine
  • Rupert and the Flying Bottle
  • Rupert in the Floods
  • Rupert and the Little Men
  • Rupert, Algy and the Smugglers
  • Rupert and the Chinese Cracker
  • Rupert and Dog Toby

Rupert Bear Annual 1938Edit




Rupert Bear Annual 1960Edit


  • Rupert's Christmas-Tree Game
  • Rupert and the Crystal
  • Puzzle - Find Rupert's Chums
  • How to Make Rupert's Paper Donkey
  • Rupert and Morwenna
  • Puzzle - Solve the Jumbled Names
  • Rupert and Ozzie
  • Puzzle - Guess the Sports and Games
  • Rupert's Magic Painting Pictures
  • How to Frame the Magic Paintings
  • Rupert's Picture-book Crossword
  • Rupert and the Diamond Leaf
  • Puzzle - Which Things Begin with 'T'?
  • Solutions to Puzzles


Rupert Bear Annual 2009Edit

  • Meet Rupert and his Friends
  • Rupert and the Ice-Cream Van
  • Join the Dots
  • Unlock the Treasure
  • Rupert's Beanstalk Game
  • Rupert's Riddles
  • Rupert and the Fairy-Tales
  • Rupert's Shadow Animals
  • Rupert's Colouring
  • Spot the Difference
  • The History of Rupert Bear
  • Rupert's Wordsearch
  • Rupert and the Branch Line
  • Rupert's Origami
  • Rupert's Anagrams
  • Clara's Maze
  • Rupert's Memory Test

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