Rupert, Rupert returned to television in 1985 and 1988, in the form of 36 short five-minute stories.

These were cartoons, but were not animated; instead each episode consisted of a series of still illustrations and narration. The sole narrator was Ray Brooks. The short title music is credited to Brave New World. In the US these shorts aired on the Disney Channel as part of its Lunchbox program.


  • A selection of the episodes have been released on a number of VHS videos, no official DVD releases are so far available as of 2017.
  • Some adopted stories from episodes did have their own release in books, based on the series.
  • Ray Brooks, who narrated the series and was the voice of Rupert, hated the series and the characters, especially Rupert. Brooks said about the series that it was ''the worst thing I’ve ever done''.
    • In addition, Brooks used to have a couple of pints before recording the episodes. According to Brooks it was to numb his brain for the terrible rhymes.