William ("Bill") Badger

Bill the Badger is one of the main characters of Rupert (Books and TV series) He is voiced by Torquil Campbell.


Bill is shown to be a anthropomorphic Badger or a dog, wearing a blue jacket with a yellow shirt under it, a big red bowtie, light gray pants and dark blue shoes.

Relationships Edit

Rupert Bear - Leader/Best friend

Podgy Pig - Best Friend

Algy Pug - Best Friend

Ottoline The Otter - His Girlfriend/Future Fiancée

Fox twins (Freddy, and Ferdy) - Bullies/classmates/Rival friends

Mrs. Badger - His Mother

Toby Badger - His Young Little Brother

Role Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Bill had appeared in more adventures with Rupert then with the others.

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