Bill the Badger (also refereed to as Bill Badger) is one of the main characters of Rupert (Books and TV series) He is voiced by Torquil Campbell.


Bill is shown to be a anthropomorphic Badger, wearing a blue jacket with a yellow shirt under it, a big red bowtie, light gray pants and dark blue shoes.


Bill is Rupert's best friend, who, unlike Rupert, often presents a lot of flaws, such as cowardice, impatience, clumsiness, quick tempered, and a horrible singing voice. He has a baby brother named Toby, who appears to be fond of Bill's singing voice.


  • Rupert Bear - Leader/Best friend
  • Podgy Pig - Best Friend
  • Algy Pug - Best Friend
  • Ottoline The Otter - His Girlfriend/Future Fiancée
  • Fox twins (Freddy, and Ferdy) - Bullies/classmates/Rival friends
  • Mrs. Badger - His Mother
  • Toby Badger - His Young Little Brother


  • Bill had appeared in more adventures with Rupert then with the others.