Ben Sandford portrayed the voice of Rupert Bear in the first season of Rupert in 1991.

About Ben

Ben Sandford was born in 1979. He was a pupil at the Shrivenham Junior School in England before he and his family moved to Port Hope, Ontario in Canada in 1989 or 1990. His father, Martin Sandford, got a job there as a maths teacher.

Ben and Rupert

When the new animated series Rupert went in to production, Pat Burns was looking for someone who could do Rupert's voice. She said: ''We searched for a British child actor with the right voice for months''.

While he wasn't a actor and never had a acting rol, he auditioned for the role of Rupert, and got the part when someone mentioned his charming English voice to Pat Burns, who according to her ''Struck gold'' with his voice.

The studio hired a voice to teach him how to act, because in animation you have to be really over the top, otherwise it sounds flat. Ben founded time to do the recordings in between his school work.

After Rupert

The real reason why Ben Sandford didn't returned as Rupert in season 2 and the rest of the series is unknown.

Ben did Rupert's voice at the age of 12 and it's quite possible that he got a voice change, the deepening of the voice of boys as they reach puberty, and therefore the studio decided to replace him. It's also possible, but more unlikely, that he didn't like to act and therefore resigned.

What became of Ben Sandford after Rupert is also not known. He never acted or played on stage again, and to this day it's unknown where he lives or what he does for a living.

He was replaced by Canadian voice actress Julie Lemieux.


  • It's been said that Ben Sandford always wore a yellow-black checked sarf, like Rupert, in the studio's while speaking Rupert's voice lines.
  • His grandmother, Joan Sandford, believed that the role of Rupert, matured Ben quite a bit. She also said that he has been more keen and interested in helping with stage work and behind the scenes then acting.
  • Ben Sandford was 12 years old when he was the voice of Rupert.
  • He shouldn't be confused with Ben Sandford, the New Zealand skeleton racer or Ben Sandford, the Australian rules footballer who played for the St Kilda Football Club.